Special Training

Cost: $700/month

Sherry is the personal trainer for my pups. She offers in home training for a great price. She keeps your pet for a month and teaches him or her the basic training. Down, sit, and best of all, house training.

Sherry will keep in contact with you the entire time she is training your pet. She will send you updated pictures when you ask and give you any information you will need. She also takes them out in public and for car rides and socializes them with children and other pets.

Please ask for more information if you’re interested in the best care for your pet! You will see below many people comments that have used had us train their pup in the past before they receive their puppy.



Andrew and I wanted to thank you for the wonderful puppy. She is so adorable and loving! We couldn’t have chosen better. Thank you for referring us to Sherry for training as well. I am so happy we made that choice. She is amazing!!!

Hey! Mac is still the sweetest (and biggest!) girl and we absolutely love her!! I have been boasting to my sister what and incredible job you did with Mac and she has a new puppy she is interested in having trained so wanted to put you in touch!! Thanks!!
PS: Mac became a great swimmer this summer!!


Evie’s first haircut wasn’t nearly as extreme.
The groomers and vets say has the most amazing personality for a puppy – incredibly calm, gentle, observant and polite. More like a Newfie puppy. And his feet are enormous! He goes for his last puppy shots tomorrow, so will be interesting when they see him again. :). I’ve often wondered what his litter mates are like now.


Pepper with her girl


Merry Christmas y’all!

– Moose & Gretchen

Hi Sherry. Thought you would like to know that BG is doing great. Here are some pics.

Gus First haircut! All his black baby curls are gone!? Lol! He’s great. We love him so much!


Duke went to test for K9 Academy and passed with flying colors. You did such a great job! Instructor was impressed. He starts April 4th. This is the pre-training for a therapy dog.



Some things never change 🙂


Bailee was a big hit with the grandkids.. She lit up when she saw them.. Sherry did a great job training her. Thank you! We are in Love!!

– Susan


Ryker did great on his ride home on Friday. Remington is somewhat jealous at this point but trying to adjust. And even though my house feels like a zoo, we are enjoying our new baby very much! The boys will grow-up together and we will have great times.

– Judee

Ryker and Remi Ryker