Happy Birthday

We’d love to see how you celebrate your schnoodle’s birthday! Send us pictures or stories!

My Favorite Baby had his 2nd Birthday!!! We Love our Huge, Clumsy, Goofy, Lovable, Sweet Boy!!! As I always say Thank You for My Perfect Huddy!!!

Two Year Old – Jingles & Denver pup

Hi Angela!

Wanted to share a pic of our Ozzy, 1 year old. Wilma & Jericho litter, Aug 2018.

He’s a wonderful dog, so great with our kids and they just love him!!! We joke that girls would kill for those lashes!


Beau – 1st birthday

3 years old Stetson

1 Year Old (Parents are Juliet and Dexter)

I forgot to send you this picture of Griffin on his fourth birthday ! Where HAS the time gone ?????


I just wanted to update you on Sparkles (Jingles & Denver’s) pup. She is one year old and it feels like a lot longer!

Allison still really loves Sparkles and Sparkles tolerates her (as seen in the picture). Sparkles has been great for her anxiety and has really helped her understand self-care.


He’s 2 years old! Happy Birthday!Image-1


Here’s Ruby on her third birthday 8/11/17– she was red girl/chunky girl (!) from that 8/11/14 litter. What a great dog she is!!



Ruby is a year old! Well she was yesterday haha. Thank you so much for bringing her into our lives!!

AJ is one year old



Jake’s 1st Birthday!

Griffin’s third birthday! Notice how grateful he is for his cupcake !!!! LOVE doggie kisses !!!!!! He is such a sweet boy.


Thought you would appreciate an update on Rudy who is celebrating his 1 year birthday today. He weighs 81 lbs and we love him to bits. Have you heard from his brother’s owner ?

– Jeanne

rudy1 rudy2 rudy3

Griffin’s second birthday! Here’s one happy family from North Carolina!

– Linda


Can you believe our sweet baby Griffin is a year old today ???