Frequently Asked Questions

A non-refundable $300 deposit is required to place a reservation. Final price is $2200-$3500, depending on color, size, and markings.

About Schnoodles

What generation of Schnoodles do you breed?

We breed either Poodle to Giant Schnauzer or Schnoodle to Schnoodle, where both schnoodle parents were from a Poodle x Giant Schnauzer cross. None of the parents are related in our pairings.

Do schnoodles shed?

Our schnoodle puppies are non-shedding. We use non-shedding poodles and American-coat Schnauzers as our parent breeds.

How often do schnoodles need to be groomed?

This breed is wonderful as far as this. They don’t shed at all so that is not an issue. They have a very soft wavy coat and does not mat easy. They can do 3 months no problem, but a lot of customer like to keep them short so that is your choice.

How do schnoodles get along with other animals?

Wonderful……big and small, they love them all:). And are raised with both. Believe it or not they love kitties/cats too as long as raise with them. Now the cats might not like them as well, lol. Also on that note you do have to give the new puppy at least two weeks to adapt with a dog that is been in your home 1st. You cannot expect for the new puppy to be best friends with your dog overnight. Knowing this is just being a responsible owner. They Will be best friends, some…the 1st day but others a month.

How long can schnoodles be left alone at home?

They can stay at home while you are at work. They will learn the routine and become fine with your schedule. Most people work full time, a lunch break potty break is best. Some people are lucky enough to stay home and raise their puppies, this is the #1 choice for my pups but I understand working parents.

How much exercise do schnoodles need?

We do not take ours for walks much but they would love long walks or even runs. They live on our 9 acres so they get energy out that way if needed but mine are not high strung dogs and this is not needed. They are great therapy dogs, amazing at this!!. Many of ours have gone to homes for this reason and have done wonderful. Actually some have even been in the paper.

What are the best training methods for schnoodles?

They are so smart and are not hard to train, at all. I recommend to take them to classes but it’s not needed if you are good at this.

How big do schnoodles get?

It all depends on the parents. Ours range from 10lbs – 100lbs. I will know approx. pups size, with what 2 parents that I breed.

Buying from Angela's Schnoodles

How do I reserve a puppy?

In order to hold the next pick on any litter, a $300 non-refundable deposit is required. If you change your mind about the litter you chose, (due to color, size, wanting to wait, etc) you may transfer your reservation to another litter or a wait for a future litter.

Do you provide a contract?

Yes, one year for everyone. Two years if you keep your pups on NuVet vitamins.

When can we take the puppy home? Do we have to pick it up?

8-9 weeks, depending on when I feel they are ready, but never before 8 weeks. If you are unable to come all the way to Bluffton to pick up your puppy, we are able to meet up to 3 hours out for an additional fee. If you plan to fly in, we can meet you at Fort Wayne International Airport.

How can we contact you after the sale?

I am always wanting new info and pictures of your schnoodles in their new homes. I contact my buyers a lot. I love hearing all the wonderful feed back! E-mail, phone calls or texting are all good ways to get a hold of me.

Can you help me pick out a dog that matches my own or my family’s needs?

Always!! I pick almost all my pups for my customers according to what they are wanting and there life style. I ship about 80% of my pups and send pictures and video until they go to there new homes. It is extremely important to me for the pups to match what the new owners are wanting so they stay in their forever homes for life.

If for whatever reasons you cannot keep the puppy, will the breeder take it back?

We will take our puppies back!!!! This is also stated in contract, contact us first before placing the puppy/dog.

Does the breeder provide a written bill of sale detailing the responsibilities of the seller and buyer?


Does the breeder have references from other buyers?

Yes, many!

Will you have questions for me?

We like to know as much as we can about your family, as you want to know about ours. This will help both of us and your new puppy:)

Health & Nutrition

Do I need to get my puppy spayed or neutered?

Yes, all puppies have to be spayed or neutered between 6-9 months, no excuses. You will need to send proof of procedure. I do not allow puppies that I sell to be used for breeding, so if that is your interest, please look elsewhere. I do check with owners’ vets to ensure that my puppies are living in good homes.

Have you tested the parents?

Yes. I have had testing done on my own Standard Poodles that I bred prior to becoming a schnoodle breeder. My giant schnauzers come from Skansin lines, which are also tested.

What shots and wormings do the puppies receive?

I worm my dogs a lot, just to always be safe.  They receive their first set of shots at 6-7 weeks and second at 9-10 weeks. They can go to their new homes at 8-10 weeks, depending on if you want them to stay for the second round of shots. My dad is a retired Veternarian, so I know how important that is.

Do you provide a health guarantee?

Yes, we have a one year health guarantee. This is extended to 2 years if you keep them on the “NuVet” vitamins, which we give them daily for great health.

What are the congenital defects in this breed?

In any large breed you worry about hips and bloat, but we have not see this in our lines. Hopefully we never will. My vet says we are very lucky for having larger breeds and not having those issues. Poodles can have eye problems once in a while, but I think I would have seen that years ago with my poodles.

What steps have you taken to decrease defects in your dogs? What breed-specific tests have you done?

All of our parent dogs have been tested. Something to keep in mind: You do want tested lines, but you need to be aware that two parents can have great hips and still produce dogs with hip problems. It’s the same as humans and our kids. Keeping your puppy on NuVet is the best thing you can do, nutrition is everything! This is why we offer an extra year health guarantee if your puppy stays on this daily.

What are the puppies being fed?

NutriSource Large or Small Breed Puppy, depending on what size your puppy will be. I highly recommend feeding a grain-inclusive food. I send along some food with the puppy so if you want to change you can do little by little. They also come with a blanket, toy and a collar, with mommy scent on it so they go home as happy as possible.

Have any of the puppies in the litter been sick?

Never! Very thankful….but I am a very picky person and no one see my pups till after there first shots, no exceptions! With my dad being a Veterinarian, you learn a lot.

What visits has the puppies had with the veterinarian? Have they been examined and declared “healthy”?

The pups come with health records that you take to your vet.

What is the family history?

Life for this breed is aprox 12-16 years! Keep your pet on NuVet vitamins and you will be surprised how healthy they can be.  This is true for people too, vitamins help your health a lot.

About Us

How long have you been involved with this breed?

I have been breeding dogs for 25 years. I started breeding schnoodles 10 years ago, but I was breeding poodles 8 years prior to that.

Why do you do this breeding?

I bred standard party poodles for several years and had no genetic problems at all. I changed to breeding schnoodles because I liked the look and their health is even better by breeding two separate breeds. After I had one litter, I never considered going back, and I felt I had the best in standard poodles that you could get.

Do you have the parents on site? May I see them? Is there any genetic relation between the parents?

We never breed any dogs that are related at all. I do have a website with all the parents on it and many past litters. My dogs are all friendly and loving, not aggressive. However this breed is a bit protective for his home and will bark if someone he does not know comes on your property. You can see moms always and I own all my adult breeders, but some are in foster homes and I use them when needed for stud. A couple of my moms have wonderful home also, local….they deserve a loving home too. They come home to visit when time for a litter…I’m like grandma:). Perfect for everyone!

What are the good and bad points of the parents, and what titles do they have?

All my poodles and giant schnauzers are all AKC registered! I have had my poodle lines for years and my giants come from the best show lines out there. I have pedigrees on all my adults and is stated on there if championed and OFA hips.

Do you belong to a breed club?

Yes, AKC

Our Puppies

What activities do you do with the puppies you raise?

We live on 9 acres and have a large pond. The puppies live in our home and are played with daily. I do offer obedience training with a great trainer for an additional charge. I can provide references for this.

How do you socialize the puppies?

Our puppies are raised in our kitchen and are handled daily. They are very used to people, kids, and all sizes of dogs. They are held every day by my kids and me, while doing their homework or even watching TV.

Where were these puppies raised? How have you socialized them?

Our puppies are raised in our home from day 1. They are handled daily by our 3 girls and my husband and I. They are also raised around small dogs along with large. My schnoodles are very smart and great with little dogs too, they know how to play soft.

How have you assessed the puppy’s temperament?

Honestly, I have breed for so many years that I just know. When you live with them, you know how they are. But also, how can you go wrong with a great mom and dad? That is where I feel it is most important. Your parents need to be wonderful so your puppies are perfect too. I am a very pick breeder and I want to raise healthy, happy, healthy pups but also it’s a bonus that they don’t shed, are very smart, great with kids,and protective but not aggressive……..