Picture of the Month

September 2023

Baxter, Apollo, & Phoenix

We are all 2!!! I can’t believe it has been two years since our babies all arrived. I thought I would give you an update.

Baxter-my mom’s little guy-he looks just like his daddy! Baxter couldn’t have a better life. He spends every moment with my Mom and if she goes somewhere so does he. Baxter is not fond of the car but loves to walk. He is a fierce little man at the park and protects his big Goldendoodle (Louie) brother at all times. Louie is 113 lbs but Baxter still feels the need to watch over (under) him. He is a doll and I love him as much as my mom!

On to our two big babies. Apollo (brown and white from Parti and Denver) is still our diva and is nearly swarmed by admirers every time we walk or take him anywhere. He is beautiful and he knows it. He has never met a stranger and loves everyone. He is the most tolerant dog I have ever met and he is the perfect family dog. He can get anxious when we aren’t home (rare occasion) or when the kids argue. He is the peacemaker of our family! He is laid on, pet to the point you would think he could be bald, often dressed up, has had his nails painted and hair put in barrettes. He doesn’t mind anything and lives for hugs, pets, and to make you laugh.

Phoenix (Ruthie/Denver) is our serious no nonsense pup. He has been trained as a service animal for my son and now goes to school and nearly everywhere with him. Phoenix adores my son as much as he loves Apollo. I never knew how wonderful it would be having such a friend and support for my son having our amazing Phoenix by his side. However when his “work clothes” (service jacket) comes off, he is all fun. He is not as tolerant as Apollo but still the most amazing family and service pup we could have hoped for. Phoenix loves to walk/run, play soccer, retrieve lacrosse balls, be with my son, learn silly tricks, and eat. His is a bigger build than Apollo and is heaver/stocky. He is a schnauzer build!

We love all our babies and they are thriving in AZ and CA!

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