About Our Schnoodles

The structure of our schnoodles is more of a stocky body. My poodles I bred prior to schnoodles are more stocky and have shorter noses. I raised them for many years before this mix and kept back that look because I really liked it better than the skinny long nose ones. I use giants with softer coats and that makes for a beautiful coated schnoodle.

Schnoodles are so loyal, loving and too smart. Ours are very laid back, which is a favorite thing to me. They love the snow and water and even rain is OK with them. There personality tends to be a bit demanding at times but do this for attention. They are protective of their family and home, and you will know when someone is at your place and so will the people. They are very loyal and super intelligent. They also love the snow and water, other people, kids and dogs.

My schnoodles are different from others in a few ways. First of all, I am very picky with my mom and dads. If they do not turn out to be the perfect personality and coat, I place them in a special pet home before I would ever breed them. It is so very important to me that my customers be happy with there schnoodles, that is what keeps me breeding…all the great feedback! My passion for my dogs is very deep and they make me smile everyday. There is nothing better than a schnoodle.

A schnoodle is very easy to train because both breeds are so smart plus they want to please, badly. To be honest, they really can be too smart for some people. They are totally non shedding dogs! Unlike other mixes that you need to breed a doodle back to a poodle to hope for no shedding….these guys do not shed, such a plus in my eyes.